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Lee Jones

Off-Track Vetting

Lee Jones suggest that people get off track all the time.

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Peter Taylor

The PMO Acid Test

Peter Taylor suggests you try these two simple tests to assess the effectiveness of your PMO:

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Bill Heil

Entrance and Exits

Bill Heil said that VMware had a large number of waterfall IT projects

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Bill Coleman

Solution Ownership

As Bill says, “As project mentor, the worst thing you can do is tell the team how to solve their problems."

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Robert Kelley

Poisoning the Well

Bob Kelley suggests you cannot let anyone poison the well.



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The Standish Group

Commitment Knowledge

The Standish Group suggests prior to accepting the role of executive sponsor, the person must have a full understanding of the project.

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Don Haderle

On the other end

Don Haderle suggests the first prototype of DB2 was not perfect. 

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