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Robert Kelley

Hold the Whiteout

As Bob says, this bio-pharmaceutical company had a great product. They produced synthetic oxygenated blood for transfusion.

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Jon M. Quigley

Accountability and Dependencies

Jon M Quigley suggests that often accountability failure is…

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Timothy Chou

Right Question

Timothy Chou says, “One of the first things I tell my Stanford class…

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Mark Donkersloot

Data as the New Capital

Mark Donkersloot suggest that Businesses need to…

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Sidnie Feit

Velocity Time Boxes

Sidnie Feit suggests you set deadlines…

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The Standish Group

Blink Clarity

The Standish Group suggests before your team can make effective decisions…

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History Lessons

George Washington

Many stories are told about George Washington, the first president of the United State including…

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