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Jon M. Quigley

Planning horizon

Jon M. Quigley suggests you take time to consider the consequences of the short term actions and planning on the long term goals.

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Jim Crear


Jim Crear says time is the enemy of all projects.

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Jennifer Lynch

Butterfly Effect on Business value

Jennifer Lynch suggests you consider how the project will change the business, such as increased sales, reduced cost and improved process efficiency.

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Jim Johnson

Continuous Delivery

Jim Johnson suggests you stop doing releases.

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Don Haderle

Overcoming the Old Guard

As Don Haderle says, “A good executive sponsor will have his and her ears to ground to understand what’s coming at you that is going to be disruptive and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

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Hans Mulder

Rank Complexity

Hans Mulder suggests you rank the complexity 

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Phantom Advisor

P17. Blaming the Victim

17. Blaming the Victim: is the practice of holding the client responsible for everything that goes wrong with the project, particularly if it ultimately fails. 

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