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Bill Niemi

Three Owners

Bill Niemi says, “It is a really interesting contrast between the three CFOs who oversaw the financial data architecture (FDA) project at Fidelity.

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Sidnie Feit

Estimates from Role Models

Sidnie Feit suggests creating accurate estimates from role models require experienced people.

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Jim Loehr

Working Harder

James Loehr suggests that you rest more frequently when you’re working harder.



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Hans Mulder

Rating Complexity

Hans Mulder suggests you rate complexity.

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Phantom Advisor

P16. The Bungee Cord Paradox

16. The Bungee Cord Paradox: If consultants are as flexible as they purport to be, why are natural changes in the business climate and direction more manageable and less costly with in-house resources?

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Gloria Larson


Gloria Larson said, “I’m a lawyer who likes to negotiate not litigate outcomes, but I know I often talk too much, talking when I should be listening."

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Robert Kelley

Risk Analysis is Always a Good Idea

A risk analysis is always a good idea, however risk should be fact based and not imaginary or outside the realm of probability.

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