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Eric Newcomer

Getting Decisions to Stick

Eric Newcomer suggests the executive sponsor build on common ground to get…

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Bob Taylor


Bob Taylor suggests that the executive sponsors deal with fraudulence by…

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Jon M. Quigley

Rose-colored Glasses

Jon M Quigley suggests you listen up and remove those…

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Jeff Sutherland

Demand Professionalism

Jeff Sutherland suggests there is an internal problem for some

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Robert Kelley

Unicorns and Rainbows

Bob Kelley recalls, “Oracle, SAP, etc sales force through sleight of hand tricks and… 

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Bill Niemi

Owner’s Helpers:

Bill Niemi remembers at Fidelity, the executive sponsor would have a delegate who…

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Timothy Chou

Own Minds not Bodies

Timothy Chou says, “The key to being an executive is to having people understand your…

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