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Lou Vianna

Sprint Planning Process

Lou Vianna suggests smoothing the differences between the “two sides of the projects”. 

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Bill Heil

Data Early and Often

 Bill Heil suggests data is an area that needs it's own special focus.

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Robert Kelley

Influence of a Good Project Sponsor

Bob Kelley recalls the Influence of a good project sponsor.

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Peter Taylor

Productive Laziness

Peter suggests that project managers need to ‘work smarter and not harder’ and should take the approach of ‘productive laziness’

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Bill Niemi


As Bill says, “The executive sponsors are always creating tension between the technical development team and the business people. 

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Timothy Chou


Timothy says, “So with Cloudbook we are addressing the fundamental challenge of every company – the cost and effectiveness of sales and marketing."

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Sidnie Feit

Velocity Decision Pipeline

Sidnie Feit suggests that in order to move a decision rapidly, as much friction as possible must be eliminated from the process.

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