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Raj Nathan

Add Value

As Raj Nathan says, “One of my main principles in signing up to be an executive sponsor is to make sure that I can add value to the project team.

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Pauline Nist

Trust, but Verify

Pauline Nist says, “I like to use the Ronald Reagan quote “trust, but verify.”

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Dave Bealby

Focus Sponsorship

As Dave Bealby says, “executive sponsor often gets their role thrust upon them. When I was running Compaq Telecom there were a number of different initiatives. Many of these initiatives were not focused on our goals; others were in conflict of the goals.

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Jennifer Lynch

Butterfly Effect on Executive Sponsorship

Jennifer Lynch suggests you consider executive sponsorship time.

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Jim Johnson


In 324 A. D. the Roman emperor Constantine moved the empire's capital to Byzantium, renaming it Constantinople.

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Phantom Advisor

P20. Training on Your Time (& Dime)

20. Training on Your Time (& Dime): When one hires a consultant for a project, one understands and accepts that the consultant team will require ramp-up time, and that skills transfer will be necessary to familiarize the consultant team with the client's business.

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Hans Mulder


Hans Mulder suggests that roles of each member must be known to each other.

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