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Robert Kelley

George Washington's String

Bob Kelley recalls a story about George Washington’s string During the winter while camped at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War, the Commander of the American forces, George Washington, was walking about the campsite with a young Lieutenant. 

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Gene Bounds

Advisory Group

 Gene Bounds says, “As executive sponsor it is critical to understand who on the leadership team would be affected or could gain benefit from the  project."

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Pauline Nist

Snooze Button

As Pauline says, “One of the hard lessons an executive sponsor needs to learn is knowing if you are going to be content in being a advocate for the project."

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Bill Coleman

First Principles

Bill Coleman says, “An executive sponsor is a coach, not a manager. 

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Lee Jones

The Stick

Lee Jones says, “The executive sponsor has great leverage.

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Larry Fleming

Having One

As Larry says, “I work in the SAP community.

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Daniel Langermann

Returning Value

Dan Langermann suggests the first thing to do as executive sponsor is act as the link between those who execute the project and those who derive benefit from the project, is to establish a schedule up front for regular communications.

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