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Dave Bealby


Dave Bealby says, “I do not believe an executive sponsor should be just a figurehead."

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History Lessons

Great Society

In the mid-1960s, as part of President Johnson's "Great Society", the United States Congress passed the Economic Opportunity Act.

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Jim Crear

Use Steppingstones

Jim Crear suggests the use of steppingstones is similar to that of milestones.

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Hans Mulder

Elevator Pitch Precision

Hans Mulder suggests that when developing an elevator pitch you use the exact words.

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Sidnie Feit

Size of the Team

Sidnie Feit suggests that size of the team has been much studied by The Standish Group.

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Phantom Advisor


The Phantom Advisor suggests lying is the stock and trade of many vendors.

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George Hogan

Who’s on First

George Hogan suggests that executive sponsors need to understand who is making the contributions.

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