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Don Haderle

Own the Future

Don Haderle suggests a good sponsor will own the future. 

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Dave Bealby

Sponsor Commitment

As Dave Bealby says, “I have seen a lot of programs where the executive sponsor has been given a charter and they either embrace it and feel the program will add to their success in their position or they do not embrace it and feel that it is a burden and make no commitment to the program success."

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Eric Newcomer

Tying metrics to goals

Eric Newcomer suggests the executive sponsor should tie metrics to specific strategies, goals, or programs.

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History Lessons

John Paul Jones

Jim Johnson relates how John Paul Jones, one of the most colorful Naval Captains in history, is a good sponsor. 

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Bob Taylor

The Message

Bob Taylor suggests that executive sponsors communicate the message directly to all team members.

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Hans Mulder


Hans Mulder suggests that preparation: is a key in establishing ownership.

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Jim Kneeland

Group Learning

Jim kneeland suggests that most executive sponsors lacked the skills to be executive sponsors.

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