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Eric Newcomer

Putting history in perspective

Eric Newcomer suggests the executive sponsor can learn from past projects, but should discern what is pertinent. 

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Bob Taylor

Let them Fail

Bob Taylor suggests that the executive sponsors deal with arrogance by allowing the project to fail.

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Mike Nemerowski

Respect and Statue

Mike Nemerowski suggests that executive sponsors have respect and stature around the subject they are sponsoring.

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George Hogan

Decision Habit

George Hogan suggests that executive sponsors have a habit of making sure that their decisions meet the organization’s strategy.

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The Standish Group

Commitment Overview

The Standish Group suggests it is crucial that the sponsor has a vested business interest and a commitment to a successful outcome.

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Don Haderle

Customer Feedback

Don Haderle suggests you pull the plug when you cannot find one happy person. 

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Dave Bealby

Angel to Watch over Me

Dave Bealby suggests that a perfect executive sponsor is a good mentor.

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