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The influence of an Emotional Mature Project Team


Robert Dirks suggests that a key success for a project team is emotional maturity. For him emotional maturity is the ability to make a grounded objective decision and to negotiate with reason. In his experience, members of the project team are selected on their professional skills and not so often on their soft skills like emotional maturity. Especially working with technical teams, the focus is on technical expertise. Where the outcome of projects also is influenced by the capabilities in the project team to be emotional mature. If in the project everything is working smoothly, emotional immature team members do not often influence this, but when tensions rise, it is more important to have emotional mature team members.

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Subject Matter

Emotional Maturity

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Robert Dirks

Robert Dirks is a consultant, specialized in the domains governance, risk a compliance. He enjoys working with different customers and challenges in these domains. His main drive is to be the black sheep in the flock, so where colleagues focus on being specialized in ethical hacking, auditing, awareness campaigns or risk management, he things the future is in enterprise alignment. Therefor he started in 2017 with the executive master in IT Governance and assurance at the Antwerp Management School.
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