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Bob Taylor suggests that executive sponsors communicate the message directly to all team members. “The executive sponsor should meet with small groups of the development teams so that he or she knows the people personally. In some cases, if it is a really small team the executive sponsor might even try to do a one-on-one with them. The executive sponsor needs to establish a communication line directly with the workers. The executive sponsor should not rely on just the first and second line managers. The executive sponsor’s job is to make sure everyone understands what he or she wants and there’s no miscommunication. 


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Executive Sponsor

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor is an independent Computer Software Professional. Prior to launching his consulting practice, Bob was the Chief Technology Officer for HP’s Business Critical Server Division. Bob also held senior research positions specializing in database, message, and transaction systems at Compaq Computers, Tandem Computers, Digital Equipment, and Britton-Lee.
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