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Bill Niemi says, “At Fidelity, the executive sponsor would have a delegate who would run the weekly team meetings and make most of the decisions for the business unit. He or she would be the go-to person for the team. The delegate would communicate and report back to the executive sponsor. Often the sponsor delegate would have two helpers, one on the business side and one to interface to the technical side. Therefore, one of the three was always around to make decisions quickly and make sure the project was moving forward. This works well most of the time. However, with the FCAP project all the executive sponsors were getting together and talking, but information from the delegates was not cross-communicated to the sponsors. This communication was a stovepipe, with no cross-business unit communications except between the sponsors themselves, and since they had different agendas they were constantly creating conflicts. Each sponsor thought nothing was being done to their satisfaction (their part of the project was not always the Number 1 priority). 


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Bill Niemi

Bill Niemi is a professional IT advisor. For twenty-four years Mr. Niemi was a Technology Vice President of Fidelity Investments. During his time at Fidelity, Bill oversaw the a variety of system technical implementation for distributed systems, computer graphics, network protocols including decisions on operating systems, databases and middleware. Working at NBC News, Bill was a pioneer in computer graphics in reporting presidential campaigns. Bill is a graduate with a Masters degree from Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute.
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