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 As Bill Neimi says, “The executive sponsors are always creating tension between the technical development team and the business people. This is good only if it provides motivation. On the other hand, having a weak executive sponsor, or worse, multiple executive sponsors, causes stakeholders to promote their different agendas. This increases the backlog and confuses priorities for the development team and creates elephant projects. This, in turn, causes lots of mistakes, poor decisions, and wasted efforts. In one case, for example, the head of one of the technical groups tried to take control of a large group with multiple executive sponsors, but then he got blamed for all the problems and ended up leaving the organization. The FCAP project was a classic elephant project that started in 1999 and is still in development in 2012.” 


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Bill Niemi

Bill Niemi is a professional IT advisor. For twenty-four years Mr. Niemi was a Technology Vice President of Fidelity Investments. During his time at Fidelity, Bill oversaw the a variety of system technical implementation for distributed systems, computer graphics, network protocols including decisions on operating systems, databases and middleware. Working at NBC News, Bill was a pioneer in computer graphics in reporting presidential campaigns. Bill is a graduate with a Masters degree from Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute.
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