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Danek Bienkowski suggests that you have a client for the project. This individual should effectively perform the client role. Even a project with the clearest and most vital objectives is doomed from the start if no one other than the project manager and team recognizes its objectives as vital. Every project needs a sponsor who "owns the business need" and stands behind the project. To test if such a client exists, ask who (other than the project manager) would feel the pain if the project were to fail. If no one would, then there is no client for the project. The ideal client understands the project, knows its status, demands performance, and gives it total support in a crunch. The lack of an effective client is unfortunately not at all uncommon in IT and leads to wasted effort, canceled projects, and much finger pointing.

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Danek Bienkowski

Danek Bienkowski is the president of ITConsulting, Inc., an information technology consulting company. Prior to starting ITC, he co-founded ABT Corporation, which provided Enterprise Project Management solutions to major companies.
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