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P20. Training on Your Time (& Dime)


20. Training on Your Time (& Dime): When one hires a consultant for a project, one understands and accepts that the consultant team will require ramp-up time, and that skills transfer will be necessary to familiarize the consultant team with the client's business. An unexpected, yet frequent, occurrence is that consultant resources will require and receive technical training during the course of the project. The client expects the consultant to bring skilled, technical resources to the project, but, to his chagrin, experiences the opposite. People are sent to class to learn skills needed for the client's project. It becomes a Catch-22 once they have the business knowledge, because the client does not want to lose that investment, but the resource can't fully contribute to the project until they acquire the necessary technical skills. When the consultant leaves the project, the skills (which were paid for with the client's money and acquired on his time), go with them, benefiting the consultant. The end result: more billable hours for the consultant.

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Phantom Advisor was a special group of Standish Analysts, IT executives, and notorious consultants that conducted a research project on how the big consulting firms manipulated their customers to maximize their fees and revenue. The Phantom Advisors conducted interviews, focus groups, and surveys to come up with a list of 21 common activities that consultants use to maximize revenue. The research was conducted in the spring of 1997 long before the book and HBO series “House of Lies”.
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