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Kirby Wadsworth

Kirby Wadsworth is Chief Marketing Officer at Limelight Networks. Kirby has led the transition from traditional outbound to content-driven inbound marketing for both global public companies and private start-ups. He serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at the Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College, and the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University.

Advice Articles

Bankers and Operators

Kirby Wadsworth advice is to figure out which type, Bankers or Operators, you’re dealing with before you join the startup or take the VC money.

Decision Barriers

Kirby Wadsworth suggests the need for clear decision points

Hard Lesson

Kirby Wadsworth suggests you consider the critical chain.  

Strong Executive Sponsor

Kirby Wadsworth suggests you have a strong executive sponsor.

Touching the Elephant

As Kirby Wadsworth  says, “My problem with Elephant Projects is I love touching the elephant."

Tough Position

As Kirby says, “If I hang out in the room too long, it creates a very tough position for me and the project leader.

Yes, No, Maybe:

 As Kirby says, “My response should be limited to yes, no, or we need more information to back up your recommendations (with specifics of what’s missing).

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