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Danek Bienkowski

Danek Bienkowski is the president of ITConsulting, Inc., an information technology consulting company. Prior to starting ITC, he co-founded ABT Corporation, which provided Enterprise Project Management solutions to major companies.

Advice Articles


Danek Bienkowski suggests you should identify business and technical alternatives.

Change Control

Danek Bienkowski suggests scope and change control be managed. 


Danek Bienkowski suggests that the project plan have the appropriate level of detail.

Effective client

Danek Bienkowski suggests that you have a client for the project.

Effective Control

Danek Bienkowski suggests there is an effective project control process in place. 

Make it Happen

Danek Bienkowski suggests that you have a project manager leading the effort who can "make it happen".

Objectives Clearly Defined

Danek Bienkowski suggests that the business objectives are clearly defined.

Risk Assessment

Danek Bienkowski suggests having risks assessed and have an effective risk reduction strategy implemented.


Danek Bienkowski suggests that the project has a structure.

Sufficient Resources

Danek Bienkowski suggests you have sufficient resources allocated to the project.

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