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Lou Vianna

Lou Vianna is the first Brazilian PMP, CSM and collaborator of The Standish Group in Brazil, based in Rio. He began his career as PM in R&D at Naval Research Institute, scaling-up processes to produce chemical specialties, when he was co-author of three patents. Since 1990, he has been professionally involved in nuclear and defense industries, while also acted as trainer of more than 6.000 professionals in PM related topics. Lou is researching implications of the theory of complexity in project management, advocating a co-ed between traditional and agile approaches to project management, and continues striving to innovate developing new approaches in education like flipped classroom. He has been collaborating with organizations of various segments to advance their project management expertise. He is still learning how to better manage projects.

Advice Articles

Blame Rio

The Standish Group suggests you read Blame Rio.

Organize the Scope

Lou Vianna observes that the three most important artifacts proposed by the PM body of knowledge Guide are quite considered on Scrum Methodology. 

Rigid and Uniform Approach

Aloysio (Lou) Vianna has observed that many people still consider that all projects should be managed following a predefined process.

Sprint Planning Process

Lou Vianna suggests smoothing the differences between the “two sides of the projects”. 

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