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Mohamed Bougharda

Empathy for Business Results

Mohamed Bougharda suggest that empathy can help a…

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Tim Vermeulen

Helping the Executive Sponsor

Tim Vermeulen suggests we should all spend some more time in helping out…

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Jon M Quigley

Necessary Product Management

Jon M Quigley suggests that it is not the project manager’s…

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Stijn Van Looy

Clear Business Objectives are No Guarantee of Success

Stijn Van Looy suggests that clear business objectives…

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Pascal de Haan

Decision Latency Theory: It is All About the Interval

Pascal de Haan reviews Decision Latency Theory. 

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Robert Dirks

Blueprint of a Successful Team

Robert Dirks’ field of expertise and experienced suggests that a…

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Eugen Oetringer

Recognizing Phenomena

Eugen Oetringer suggests that a vital element for improving project success rates

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