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Gene Bounds

Stakeholder Liaison

Gene Bounds reminds us that part of a good sponsor’s job is...

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CHAOS Tuesday

Dealing with Abstinence

The Standish Group suggests you listen to CHAOS Tuesday show on dealing with abstinence.

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Hangar Queens

The Standish Group suggests you read Café CHAOS blog post Hangar Queens.  

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The Standish Group

Edification: Project Management Process

The Standish Group suggests the executive sponsor needs to understand the process regarding how the project or program will be carried out. 

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David Bicknell

Politics of the Project

David Bicknell acknowledges what you probably already know: the politics…

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Jennifer Lynch

A Team of Your Own

 Jennifer Lynch suggests you read latest Café CHAOS Post, A Team of Your Own.

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CHAOS Tuesday

Decision Acceptance

The Standish Group suggests you listen to CHAOS Tuesday Show #115 is on decision acceptance http://www.chaostuesday.com.

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