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Gene Bounds

Success Redefined

Gene Bounds has watched over a number of years a certain evolution in...

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David Johnson

Feedback on Good Sponsor Nanoclass Lesson Set #8

David Johnson says: A good executive sponsor must be highly resourceful in order to get...

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Jim Johnson

Make Your SHIFT: Part 3

Jim Johnson suggests you listen to “Make Your SHIFT: Part 3” http://www.chaostuesday.com/index.php?r=podcast/view&id=108

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David Bicknell

Knowing How to Count

David Bicknell suggests that the project sponsor needs to know how to “count what counts.”

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Jim Johnson

Make Your SHIFT: Part 2

Jim Johnson suggests you listen to “Make Your SHIFT: Part 2” http://www.chaostuesday.com/index.php?r=podcast/view&id=107

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David Johnson

Lesson Set #7 of The Good Sponsor Nanoclass

Dave Johnson suggests; A good emotionally mature executive sponsor who is driving a project to success, needs to be skillful and well aware of ones’ own abilities and weaknesses,


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Hans Mulder

Murphy’s Law

Hans Mulder suggest you look at gaining education on…


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