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Tim Vermeulen

Working towards Successful Teams

Tim Vermeulen thinks it is a very good thing that, in…

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Jon M Quigley

Project Profile

Jon M Quigley talks about the concept of project profile in…

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Stijn Van Looy

Working Harder or Working Smarter?

Stijn Van Looy suggests that it is not always a matter of working…

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Eugen Oetringer

Commitments in Today’s World

Eugen Oetringer suggests that commitments, as commonly…

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Robert Dirks

Executive Sponsor Research Report

Robert Dirks reviews Executive Sponsor Research Report.

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Hans Dijckmans

Strategic Driving Seat

Hans Dijckmans suggests that enterprises start putting more…

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Tommy Van de Wouwer

Parkinson's Law

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that the smell of a deadline in the morning helps…

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