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Creating Effective Groups


Jim Johnson gives “Creating Effective Groups” a CHAOS Rating of 4 out of 5 butterflies.Creating Effective Groups: The Art of Small Group Communication is written by Randy Fujishin. This book presents how to build, guide and lead small groups. Most of the book is how to manage groups in meetings rather than managing groups themselves. It is presented in a practical way that can easily be implemented in your daily work. It is written as a textbook with exercises after each chapter. There is a chapter on how to manage conflict with an explanation of the types of conflicts. Another chapter looks at how to manage problem-solving meetings. Collaborating starts with listening to the stakeholders. Remember stakeholders are listening to their own songs on that great radio station, WIIFM-What's In It For Me? Fujishin has created a technique to tap in that radio station called SOAR. SOAR stands for Seek, Observe, Ask and Relate. He suggests that you actively seek out what people are thinking, then observe their reaction, ask them questions and relate what you heard from them to connect to the wider group.

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