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Risk is all about Perspective


Pascal de Haan suggests letting go of the fear of risks and dear to take a different perspective. To control risks is our natural reaction but it does not always bring the best solution. When looking at the music industry they fought for a long time against downloading/copying etc. They spend a lot of time, effort, and money in encrypting CD’s to avoid illegal downloads. They basically saw their customers as criminals which should be stopped and brought to justice. The more money was spent on prohibiting downloading and lawsuits, the goal: selling more cd’s/music, was not reached. Once listening to customers and being open for new perspectives. Solutions like; digital music services became suddenly realistic. The same customer was willing to pay a small amount for their music. Via this route the income of the musician was secured and even grew, it also provided valuable data to the musician on where to schedule the next concerts. Bottom line containing risks is not always the best solution to secure or achieve your goal dear to have a different perspective and you will be surprised.

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Pascal de Haan

Pascal de Haan lives in the Netherlands and works as a Global Risk Manager within DSM Shared Services. Pascal is instrumental in setting up Risk Management and Internal control frameworks within their shared services (IT, HR, Finance). Pascal has a diverse background going from Hospitality, HR, Finance to Risk Management. The latest addition to his field of knowledge is IT, in the form of the executive Master IT Governance and Assurance. Pascal strongly believes in a future driven approach on Risk Management and likes to challenge today's standards. The future is today and today we change "IT".
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