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The Power of Negotiation


Robert Dirks suggested that it’s important before you start with negotiating to have an opinion on what is acceptable for you. A negotiation can be between colleagues or clients. By doing this it will help you in the negotiation, but still, accept that in some point it could be possible that you aren’t able to achieve this. Because you’re depending on another person on what the outcome is, you’ve influence on the outcome but you can’t fully control the outcome. But by using leverage, power, information, and empathy you can influence the outcome but still are at mercy of your negotiating partner. But by being aware of the influence of your partner it will increase your chances in a negotiation.

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Robert Dirks

Robert Dirks is a consultant, specialized in the domains governance, risk a compliance. He enjoys working with different customers and challenges in these domains. His main drive is to be the black sheep in the flock, so where colleagues focus on being specialized in ethical hacking, auditing, awareness campaigns or risk management, he things the future is in enterprise alignment. Therefor he started in 2017 with the executive master in IT Governance and assurance at the Antwerp Management School.
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