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Investing in Knowledge


Hans Dijckmans suggests that enterprises seriously start investing in knowledge and skills management within their organisation in order to face the digital economy direction to which the market is evolving. Via online learning platforms like Udemy, Oreilly’s Safari, Lynda, Coursera, and Skillshare, so much know-how is available for free or at a very low cost: webinars, hands-on video courses on products and frameworks, online certification courses, … companies however, do so little with these available resources. In my view, companies taking the digital transformation direction should start dedicated training teams on digital skills. These training teams are better governed by the architecture department instead of the HR department as the skills for selecting the right training material requires digital thought leader profiles which you rarely find within the HR department.

Additionally, the IT workforce should be given 10% of their time to refine specific digital skills, selected by this training team, using online training material. This approach should be very effective, cost- & resource-efficient and fast so that the company can focus on the real business challenges. 

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Hans Dijckmans

Hans Dijckmans works as an IT solution architect in the financial sector with a particular specialization in security. Hans founded his own company via which he offers his consultancy services. Hans holds a M.E.E (ing.) in Electronics & Information Technology (KULeuven - Groep T) and a Master in Science (ir.) in Electronics & Telecom (KULeuven). He also retains the CISSP certification since 2016. Hans is currently following an Executive Master in Enterprise & IT Architecture (2017-2019).
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