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Eugen Oetringer suggest that, for a successful Service Management/ITIL project, you need to understand ITIL’s current status versus the agility needs of today’s world: Until the late ’90, in an environment of 80.000 IT colleagues, we had a practical and highly effective Service Management/ITIL. Then came ITIL V2. Our practical processes were replaced by bureaucratic processes. The quality of our services dropped. ITIL V3 was published as a practical replacement. During a recent ITIL project, it turned out, ITIL still lacks solutions to the same shortcomings as 15 years ago, in particular:  

  1. Where are the lessons learned and their solutions of the past 20 years?
  2. Where are the do’s and don’ts? Example: when the CMDB works well versus when it moves beyond the tipping point where maintenance aspects and costs grow exponentially, and failure becomes eminent. 
  3. Where are the adjustments for the agile requirements of today’s world? Examples: natural process flows and guiding mechanisms; effective techniques for phenomena such as virtual traffic jams and the endless number of test scenarios.  
  4. Where is the solution to the structural conflict of the working practices of agile best practices and those of ITIL?

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Eugen Oetringer

Eugen Oetringer is a Senior Analyst/Strategist for the most complex challenges. Confronted with high project failure rates in an IT environment of 100.000 employees, he did open analysis. It delivered new insights hiding behind the symptoms of failure. In turn, it delivered results where multiple attempts with popular solutions approaches had failed, from bridging an internal communication gap with 30.000 employees to daily emotional outbursts (ADHD) down to one in ten years.
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