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Promises Broken


Tony Collins suggests that a project sponsor needs to take responsibility for the project. The project sponsor for the BBC digital media initiative assured the British Parliament that the project was on time and on budget and that everything was going well. Two years later, when the project was canceled, Parliament called the sponsor back. Why had he given them the earlier assurances? The sponsor claimed he had been given bad information by the people who were working on the project. Perhaps they had convinced themselves that progress was taking place when it was not. Whatever the reason is, not knowing the true status of a project is not an excuse, and the project sponsor should be considered fully responsible for any cancellation or failure. 

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Tony Collins

Tony Collins writes a blog for ComputerWorldUK and is freelance writer. Tony co-founded Campaign4Change. Tony worked as editor and writer for Computer Weekly. Tony co-wrote a book of IT project management case studies called Crash (Simon & Schuster).
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