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Distributing Decisions


The Standish Group suggests you listen to CHAOS Tuesday Show #116 http://www.chaostuesday.com/index.php?r=podcast/view&id=118 is on distributing decisions. In this show we explore the hows and whys of distributing and spreading decisions. The Standish Group research shows that a narrow and single decision process or flow causes major barriers and delays. Jim Johnson and Jim Crear have a casual conversation on the process of distributing decisions, and the majority of this show is focused on how to create multiple decision streams and broaden the decision landscape.  We will also cover some of the major dezider.com features you can use to create multiple decision streams and broaden the decision landscape. Takeaways are:

  • How to break down decision barriers
  • How to distribute and spread decisions 
  • How to create a smooth decision process flow
  • How to use dezider.com to distribute decisions 

Advanced  use of the dezider.com http://www.dezider.com

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