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The Rise of MicroLearning


The Standish Group suggests you read Cafe CHAOS blog: The Rise of MicroLearning. An increasingly visible trend in education is the use of the smartphone as a vehicle for learning anywhere—on the bus, on an airplane or a train, in a coffee shop, in the park, at work, or at home. This type of education comes in the form of “microlearning”—5-minute lessons that contain text fragments and reference Internet sources. Often they include a short video clip and a few questions to test whether the lesson has been understood.In fact, creating these short lessonscan also be instructive. That’s why executive students also sometimesbecome co-producers (with publishers and teachers) of operational and strategic content within their organizations. Micro-learning provides the opportunity forcolleagues in the workspaceto experiment with information and communication technology (ICT) as a means to education, in an actionable way, in the workplace. Indeed, it makes education a lever for innovation within the organization. (Note: this was the premise of PM2GO.com.) Read more: http://blog.standishgroup.com and the Nanoclasses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8ERozPsg

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Cafe CHAOS is a Standish Group’s blog that provides our opinion of critical project performance issues. The Standish Group specializes in group-reflection. Group-reflection is the art and science of harnessing the deep knowledge, sentiment and understanding of an organization or a group of organizations to improve the well being of the information technology project delivery environment. The Standish Group provides a platform that produces actionable items that yield meaningful results. Café CHAOS provides practical information on this platform.
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