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Good Sponsor Nanoclass First Week

David Johnson says, A good Executive Sponsor could be almost anyone in any walk of life, title or creed. However, a good Executive Sponsor must be an expert in the craft and/or project at hand. He or she has got to have gained this experience from “previously taking a lot of wrong turns” to understand and know the ins and outs of the terrain very well. This person has got to have longed and/or dreamed of building this project, with a steadfast vision. He or she needs to to talk to stakeholders, doers and naysayers, displaying ownership while making decisions to do whatever it takes to make the project a success. Those around him/her can feel the spirit of energy in wanting to bring this ‘thing’ to life and in turn also have the drive to want to make this happen. However, having said this, without having learned the sound 10 Good Sponsor principles and 50 skillsets, even the best of intentions can fumble. Projects can almost surely have much better success in the buildout should these principles and skillsets be applied. This can be built/delivered under an awe inspired vision, with team harmony and a smooth methodology, having it been well communicated. And just maybe on-time and under budget! I suggest that a Good Sponsor, may on any project of any kind; business or personal, big or small be a key to success .
David is taking the full Nanoclass on The Good Sponsor: 



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Executive Sponsor

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David Johnson

Mr Johnson has been involved in the business profession for more than 40 years and has been in business in Singapore and the APAC region for the last 28 years. Mr Johnson brings a broad range of business skillsets to the table including: team management, sales, marketing and presentations, procurement, logistics, operations, customer service, corporate finance and office administration, human resources, store keeping, Information flow, increasing productivity and digital asset safety consultation.
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