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Lesson Set #7 of The Good Sponsor Nanoclass


Dave Johnson suggests; A good emotionally mature executive sponsor who is driving a project to success, needs to be skillful and well aware of ones’ own abilities and weaknesses, and at the same empathizing with the individual team members. This emotional maturity skillset is best put to use, when we manage to match personalities with specific skills, and at the same time having the ability to sniff out and deal with the Five Deadly Sins of project management being over-ambition, arrogance, ignorance, abstinence, and fraudulence. . As a captain of the ship, the good executive sponsors’ job is ultimately making key decisions. This is instrumental in steering the project in the right direction and reaching the project goals. You must be open to softening your position by asking questions, be willing to learn, and actively listening with the intention to gain unanimity from all involved. You must also be mindful of project sabotage. A project saboteur is kind of like a weed (plant infection). One can see the weeds in the garden or lawn and sometimes even their flower looks pretty, but underneath the soil, the weeds roots do the most damage, by strangling the good grass. A good executive sponsor knows that making overzealous promises, overselling deadlines, cost savings, and  unattainable quality is detrimental to the overall success of a project. Avoid the blunders of setting too high of an expectation(s) by having a good process to communicate, tying techno speak to business speak, continuously engaging, updating changes of priorities, and often customizing the message depending on the audience.

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Executive Sponsor

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David Johnson

Mr Johnson has been involved in the business profession for more than 40 years and has been in business in Singapore and the APAC region for the last 28 years. Mr Johnson brings a broad range of business skillsets to the table including: team management, sales, marketing and presentations, procurement, logistics, operations, customer service, corporate finance and office administration, human resources, store keeping, Information flow, increasing productivity and digital asset safety consultation.
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