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Intelligent Digital Transformation Model


Sanders Stockbroekx’ new “Intelligent Digital Transformation Model” (IDT-Model) is used for several new IT projects. But what does the ‘Intelligent’ mean? Because we recognise that change and complexity is only ever occurring in all the systems around us. There is absolutely no use in fighting that change or simplifying the complexity. With the IDT-Model, we want to identify the success factors that build on a long-term strategy for digitizing organisation. A strategy where change and complexity are a given. Our vision is to build systems that are inherently flexible, stable, scalable and secure. Because what we see today, is that these values, far too often, expel one another. Intelligent because we identify the relevance for both the smart and the heart of an organisation. The ‘smart’ meaning the knowledge and understanding of the relevant theories and concepts. Without theory, experiences teach nothing. And ‘heart’ because of the importance of high productivity, high moral, passion for the work and low politics in an organisation. Team work, that touchy-feeling stuff. But ever so important.

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Sander Stockbroekx

Sander Stockbroekx is an ambitious and motivated person who is eager to learn and to develop his entrepreneurial spirit. With substantial experience in managerial teamwork, leadership, strategic planning and creativity and a background in economy and entrepreneurship, Sander Stockbroekx is always looking for extraordinary people and extraordinary companies. Digital transformation is his sandbox. Because of his master’s in Business Innovation & Creative Entrepreneurship and his second masters Enterprise IT Architecture, gave him the knowledge of the theories and concepts to develop his own Intelligent Digital Transformation Model i.e. his own mental model. In order to transform organizations to reach the state of ‘Flow’, where they have statistically proven the highest success probability for their IT projects, as described by the Standish Group research.
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