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Bill Smillie

Bill Smillie is a former Executive with IBM’s Learning and Knowledge function within its Global Business Services, where he led the professional development programs for all consulting partners and staff worldwide. He also provided thought leadership in project management best practices and delivery excellence, based on his perspectives gained from over 30 years of international programme and project management.

Advice Articles

Bad News Early

Bill Smillie suggests that work and schedule are not easily predicable.

Boardroom Agenda

Bill Smillie suggests that software business project success is tied directly to the…

Boardroom Level

Bill Smillie suggests that we communicate better at the…

Business Benefits

Bill Smillie suggests that business benefits need to be realized.

Committed Stakeholders

Bill Smillie suggests that stakeholders be…

Delivery Organization

Bill Smillie suggests that delivery organization benefits are realized.

High Performing Team

Bill Smillie suggests having a high performing team.

Mitigated Risks

Bill Smillie suggests that risks are mitigated.

Realistic Scope

Bill Smillie suggests that scope is realistic and managed.

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