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Herb Cohen

Dr. Herb Cohen is an internationally renowned consultant on negotiating strategy, commercial dealings, and crisis management. The author of The New York Times bestseller,You Can Negotiate Anything, his clients have included business executives, large corporations, and governmental agencies.

Advice Articles

Active Listening

Herb Cohen suggests you practice active listening.

Be a Good Mimic

Herb Cohen suggests you be a good mimic.

Conscious Inattention

Herb Cohen suggests you develop an attitude of conscious inattention.

Don’t Move Too Fast

Herb Cohen suggests you don’t move too fast.

Effort Pays Off

Herb Cohen suggests effort pays off.

Exchange Small Talk

Herb Cohen suggests you exchange small talk.

Know How to Say "No."

Herb Cohen suggests you know how to say "No."

Most Leverage

Herb Cohen suggests you know when you have the most leverage.

Negotiate Virtually Anything

Herb Cohen suggests you can negotiate virtually anything.

Resist Immediate Counter-Proposals

Herb Cohen suggests you resist immediate counter-proposals.

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