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Richard Soley

Richard Soley is chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group, Inc. Mr. Soley is one of the great thought leaders of our time. He is constantly pushing the envelope on standards and technology. A frequent venture angel, Mr. Soley recently started the Boston CTO Club.

Advice Articles

Aligning Motivation

Richard Soley says, “If I had to go back and do the emergency crisis response standard again I would do things differently.


Richard Mark Soley suggests you cannot resolve all ambiguity.

Clear Business Objective:

Richard Soley suggests having a clear business objectives is one of those phrases that is over used. 

Emotional Maturity

Richard Mark Soley suggests that other people’s motivations are not the same as your own motivations. 


Richard Mark Soley suggests you have got motivation backwards.


Richard Soley suggests executive sponsors to find, nurture and sponsor new projects. 

Open Minded

Richard Mark Soley suggests that  executive sponsors should be open minded to


Richard Soley suggests the key to success is to have the domain knowledge. 

Quick Decision

Richard Soley suggests the key reason for making fast decisions has nothing to do with always making right decisions.

Stakeholder Motivation

Richard Soley says, “I will give you example of a standard that did not work. 

Stakeholder Pulse

Richard Soley says, “I don’t think you need to be always instep with your peers.


Richard Mark Soley suggest the perfect executive sponsor would be someone who understands the product arena.

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