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Tommy Van de Wouwer

Tommy Van de Wouwer lives in Belgium and has been a senior IT project manager and leader of support delivery and software development teams for the last 15 years. He holds an active PMI PMP certificate, several people management certificates and believes in lifelong learning. He has been in the board of several non-profit organisations and local community advisory boards. In addition to his Bachelor degree in information management he has a postgraduate Intercultural Meaning and associate degrees in IT Development, IT Network Management and Corporate Communication, followed by an Executive Master IT management at the Antwerp Management school. Tommy's main focus is on collaboration and (think) out of the box solutions to bring business value from IT investments while keeping the human factor into mind. He likes to travel to world to experience other cultures and broadens his perspective.

Advice Articles

At the end it’s all about people

Tommy Van de Wouwer has worked in different organisations that were all structured in different ways and...

Empathy vs sympathy in a Professional Context

Tommy Van de Wouwer suggests that It’s important to understand the difference between…

End of the Sandwich Method

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that most people see through the “sandwich method”…

Group forming with the Tuckman model

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that the Tuckman's stages of group development model helps to build a stronger team.

Is involvement the key to success?

Tommy Van de Wouwer noticed a big difference in attitude and performance once…

Make or Buy?

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that commercial off the shelf or…

Parkinson's Law

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that the smell of a deadline in the morning helps…

Sapiens a brief History of Humankind Review

Tommy Van de Wouwer gives Sapiens, a brief history of humankind…

Short Decision Latency in Self-Steering Teams

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that having trust in self steering teams…

Sponsorship and Stakeholder Management

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that having the right sponsor for your project makes all the difference.

The Biased Business Case

Tommy Van de Wouwer believes that many project start based on a…

The Physical Reward of Changing a Kanban Status

Tommy Van de Wouwer thinks that a lightweight tactile project…

The Power of Relational Mechanisms

Tommy Van de Wouwer has experienced the importance of relational mechanisms in organizations.

The Real Story of the Agile Manifesto

Tommy Van de Wouwer recently took an interest in the real story behind the Agile manifesto.

The Result Counts

Tommy Van de Wouwer suggest that the end result counts…

To Promote or not to Promote?

Tommy Van de Wouwer has noticed many organizations struggle…

You can Negotiate Anything Review

Tommy Van de Wouwer gives You can negotiate anything…

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