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Tony Collins

Tony Collins writes a blog for ComputerWorldUK and is freelance writer. Tony co-founded Campaign4Change. Tony worked as editor and writer for Computer Weekly. Tony co-wrote a book of IT project management case studies called Crash (Simon & Schuster).

Advice Articles

Building up Expectations

Tony Collins suggests that if you continually fuel expectations of a new system by offering only “happy talk” to…

Business Process Change

Tony Collins suggests that IT delivery is best done in


Tony Collins suggests that you can't implement something centrally and expect it to be adopted locally. 

National Health Service

Tony Collins talks about his experience with the UK’s National Health Service project—

Passport Service

Tony Collins suggests that system performance is as important as features and functions. 

Promises Broken

Tony Collins suggests that a project sponsor needs to take responsibility for the project.

Sponsor Expense

Tony Collins suggests that the time and money spent on a project sponsor could prove to be more expensive than…

Strong Project Sponsor

Tony Collins suggests it is important to have a project head who

Taurus Project

Tony Collins recalls his experiences with the London Stock Exchange’s Taurus Project,

True Cost

Tony Collins suggests that you consider the true cost of a project before you begin. 

Understanding the Complexities

Tony Collins believes that it’s a good idea to understand the complexities…

Universal Credit

Tony Collins believes that project sponsors should demand and are entitled to transparency.

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