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About PM2GO

PM2GO is a collection of advisory microblogs about project management practices.  Many of the microblogs are the opinions of a notorious person such Herb Cohen, Gloria Larson, or Jim Johnson.  Other microblogs are the opinion of a group of people that participate in many of the research events of The Standish Group. Others are team efforts like project case overviews. PM2GO is a Standish Group and RobbinsGioia community outreach program that connects you with IT executives and project management professionals.  There are two purposes for using PM2GO: 1: general advice on issues you are currently facing, and 2: earning professional development units for certification for organizations such as Project Management Institute.

PM2GO is designed to provide concise and usable advice for everyday project situations and issues. PM2GO covers project cases, suggestions on how to resolve an issue, pitfalls, warning signs, book reviews, and a history of lessons learned. Each advice suggestion focuses on one of the CHAOS Best Practices, one of PMI’s talent categories and/or a burning current issue.  PM2GO is designed to be simple to use and communicate. The home page lists the latest eight advisory articles. Once you register, you will have access to hundreds of advice microblogs. You will also be automatically signed up to get a daily microblog.

You can just read the daily microblog to get your advice of the day or you can answer questions and provide feedback to the microblog to earn PDU credits. PM2GO is practical advice about software project management issues and includes the thought leadership and diverse opinions and suggestions by The Standish Group/RobbinsGioia collection of IT executives and individual IT business leaders. PM2GO is a continuous updated and supplemented repository that provides you with a simple and swift way to solve issues in the management of the software projects. Each suggestion will cover one or more of The Standish Group's 10 CHAOS Factors of Success:

            1          Executive Support

            2          User Involvement

            3          Clear Business Objectives

            4          Emotional Maturity

            5          Optimizing Scope

            6          Agile Process

            7          Project Management Expertise

            8          Skilled Resources

            9          Execution

            10       Tools & Infrastructure

Use search to find a particular topic or issue if you click on advice you can see a list of all the articles in alphabetical order. Signing up is free, so register.   



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